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To contact us please email aus.cashless.vending@ccamatil.com.

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About QuickTap

What is QuickTap?

QuickTap is a cashless vending prepaid account with access to exclusive benefits. QuickTap uses the latest wireless and secure payment technologies to make vending fast, convenient and reliable.

After you Sign Up to QuickTap, you can order or register a QuickTap Card or choose to use the QuickTap App as your preferred method of payment.

Loading credit onto your QuickTap Account is safe and fast using your PayPal account or by registering your Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card.

How do I get QuickTap?

After you Sign Up you can order a QuickTap Card by filling out your postal details, or you can choose to download the QuickTap App.

QuickTap is also available for the workplace and can be used to offer employess exclusive benefits on workplace vending machines.

If QuickTap is already installed in your workplace, you may already have a QuickTap Card. Simply Sign Up to get started.

For enquiries regarding deploying QuickTap in your business, please contact our team by emailing us at aus.cashless.vending@ccamatil.com.

Alternatively you can ring 1800 025 123 and talk to one of our QuickTap consultants.

What are the benefits of using QuickTap over a Credit Card, Debit Card or Coins?

QuickTap gives you access to discounts and other promotions that you cannot get access to using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Coins.

QuickTap can also be used to restrict where and when QuickTap users can purchase, and which QuickTap users get the benefits.

Where can I use QuickTap?

You can QuickTap wherever you see the QuickTap logo displayed on the vending machine.

I have a QuickTap Card, how do I get started?

Simply Sign Up and follow the on screen instructions.

How does QuickTap work?

Sign Up and activate your QuickTap Card by entering the number printed on the back of your QuickTap Card. Alternatively you can download the QuickTap App.

Top Up your Account using your PayPal Account or your Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card. You can choose to either Top Up a one-off amount, or setup an Auto Top Up that is triggered when your balance goes below a set value.

Once you have Topped Up your Account, you can use your QuickTap Card or App at vending machines where you see "QuickTap available here".

If you are using a QuickTap Card at the vending machine hold your QuickTap Card in front of the card reader and wait a moment until you are asked to "make a selection". Then choose your drink or snack option (where available) by pressing the corresponding coordinates in the keypad. Your QuickTap Account will be debited the value of your purchase (less any QuickTap discount) and your transaction can be viewed online under My Usage when you Log In.

If you are using the QuickTap iPhone App, simply use the QuickTap App to scan the QR Code on the vending machine.

If you are using the QuickTap Android App, simply place your phone against the NFC tag or use the QuickTap App to scan the QR Code on the vending machine.

For more information about QuickTap look for the "Tell Me How" and "Show Me How" links on the QuickTap home page.

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QuickTap Promotions

What are QuickTap promotions?

QuickTap promotions and discounts are exclusive offers available only after you Sign Up to QuickTap. To see the promotions you have access to, Log In and view your My Promos page.

There are a variety of QuickTap promotions:
Sign Up and Top Up bonuses: These promotions give you an amount to spend or a number of products to vend for free during Sign Up or as you Top Up. My Promos shows the amount you have left to spend.
Allowances: These promotions give you an amount to spend or a number of products to vend for free during a fixed period. At the end of the period the promotion will reset - use it or lose it! My Promos shows the amount you have left to spend.
Discounts: These promotions give you a discount off the listed vend price.
Specials: These promotions can be anything, well almost anything. Look out for them!

Can I still purchase a product if my promotion balance does not cover the price?

Yes, QuickTap will use the amount you have remaining on your promotion and the balance of the purchase price will come from your own funds. If you do not have any of your own funds loaded onto your QuickTap Account, the transaction will decline until you have Topped Up again.

Can I check my discount after I have purchased a product?

Yes, Log In and view the My Usage page. For each QuickTap transaction that qualifies for a promotion there is a discount value displayed.

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At the Vending Machine

After I tap my QuickTap Card I see the message "Validation of card failed". What does this mean?

It is likely you do not have enough credit in your QuickTap Account to make a purchase. To check your account balance, simply Log In and your balance is displayed in the top right corner.

Other possible reasons
Your QuickTap Card has expired.
Your QuickTap Card is currently deactivated.
Your Account is currently suspended.
Your Account lacks a promotion and/or funds to make the purchase.
You are trying to use your QuickTap Card at a vending machine that does not allow QuickTap.
Your Account funds are locked by rapid repeated attempts to purchase.

In the unlikely event you see the message "Validation of card failed", your QuickTap Account balance has sufficient funds and none of the above apply, please report the problem by calling 1800 025 123.

What happens if the drink or snack is not vended?

If you don't get your drink or snack because the machine jams or there is no product left, the transaction is automatically cancelled and you do not pay for the attempted purchase. The card reader will display "No charge to be billed on card". To confirm this you can Log In and go to your My Usage page.

I am pretty sure I have access to a promotion, why does the card reader tell me that the full amount is billed to my QuickTap Account?

The card reader will tell you the full product price, if there is a current Promotion you will not be billed the full amount.

To confirm this you can Log In and go to your My Usage page, where you will see a record for the transaction. The discount will be displayed in the transaction.

You can cancel your QuickTap transaction by pressing the red "end" button on the card reader installed on the vending machine.

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QuickTap Top Up

How do I load money onto my QuickTap Account?

To get started you have to register your PayPal account, or your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card or Debit Card using the QuickTap website.

Log In and go to your Top Up page. Your Top Up page lets you register, change or remove your payment details and gives you the option to Top Up or set up an Auto Top Up.

Are my payment details safe?

Yes. QuickTap holds no payment details that could be used by someone other than yourself.

All Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit Card data is managed by our secure payment service partner DPS.

PayPal specializes in secure online payments.

Can I remove my registered PayPal account, Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card from QuickTap?

Yes, Log In and go to your Top Up page. Then click on the "Remove Payment Details" link. All details held by QuickTap are deleted.

Can I check my PayPal account, Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card Top Ups in QuickTap?

Yes, Log In and go to your My Usage page. Each Top Up or Auto Top Up is displayed in the My Usage transaction list as a deposit.

What will I see on my Credit or Debit Card statement?

All Top Up transactions will appear on your statement with the name Coca-Cola Amatil (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Where is my money stored?

Your money is held in our bank account with our institutional banking partner. This account is constantly monitored by Coca Cola Amatil.

For more information refer to the QuickTap Terms & Conditions.

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Lost QuickTap Cards

Can I stop someone using my QuickTap Account if I lose my QuickTap Card or my phone with the QuickTap App?

Yes, you can very quickly disable a lost QuickTap Card or App. There are two options: you can deactivate the lost QuickTap Card or App; or suspend your QuickTap Account.

Option 1: You can block transactions on one of your QuickTap Cards or Apps. Log In, go to My QuickTaps, find the QuickTap in the list and then simply click the Activation Status toggle. This will instantly block all transactions on the QuickTap Card or App.

Option 2: You can freeze your QuickTap Account and block all activity. Log In, click your name next to the About link, click Suspend Account and follow the on screen instructions. Suspending your QuickTap Account means all activity is blocked until you decide otherwise.

Can I reactivate my QuickTap Card or App if I find it?

Yes, Log In, go to My QuickTaps and simply click the Activation Status toggle. This will instantly activate the QuickTap Card.

Can I get another QuickTap Card?

Yes, you can be issued with a replacement QuickTap Card. Your new QuickTap Card will be automatically linked to your QuickTap Account. Please note there is a charge of $3 for replacing your lost or stolen QuickTap Card.

To order a new QuickTap Card Log In, go to My QuickTaps and simply click the "Order a new card" button. This will notify us to send you out another QuickTap Card.

Am I liable for my QuickTap Card?

Yes, as the QuickTap Card holder you are responsible for any loss you may suffer as a result of the loss, theft, damage, destruction or unauthorised use of the QuickTap Card.

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