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Why QuickTap?

QuickTap is a convenient and easy way to pay at vending machines where you see the QuickTap icon. QuickTap is a prepaid card payment alternative when you don't have cash in your pocket that gives you access to exclusive discounts and promotions.

You can use a QuickTap Card.

How To QuickTap with a Card

  • How to Card 1

    Join QuickTap

    Simply Sign Up by entering your name, email and creating a password.

  • How to Card 2

    Order or Add a QuickTap Card

    Already have a QuickTap card? Simply Log In and add it to your account.
    Don't have a card or want more cards? Log In to order QuickTap cards.

  • How to Card 3

    Top Up Online

    Log In to Top Up your account using PayPal, or with any Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card.
    Once you've topped up, you can manage and keep track of all your spending online.

  • How to Card 4

    QuickTap to Vend

    Simply tap your card at any vending machine with the QuickTap icon.

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And there's even more reason to QuickTap

At Work

Introduce QuickTap into your workplace to enable fast, reliable and convenient vending with exclusive benefits to staff. Restrict benefits to staff and authorized guests when they use QuickTap vending machines at your workplace. QuickTap works alongside all other forms of payment such as cash, credit and debit card, letting non staff vend, but without the perks.
Contact us to see how QuickTap could benefit your workplace.

Promotions and Savings

QuickTap gives you access to exclusive discounts and promotions not available when using cash or your credit card at vending machines. QuickTap has an exciting range of offers: discounted purchasing, bonuses on account Top Up and even free product redeemable at QuickTap vending machines.
Simply Sign Up, Log In and use your My Promotions page to view available and upcoming offers.